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Piano Tuning


Your Piano will be Tuned with clear precision using both advanced technology and 4O+ years of ear training.
I have tuned for Symphony Orchestras and Pianists, special Musical Events, Recording studios, Churches and homes, all within the metroplex.     By appointment only.   Piano Tuning from $125.         


When a piano is being tuned by ear, it is necessary that other noises do not interfere with the hearing. Quietness is important. Generally, the quieter it is, the better the job that the technician will be able to do. 

David Henson was certified in 1975 from the Niles Bryant School of Piano Technology of Sacramento Calif.  Niles Bryant was one of the oldest schools in America that taught Piano Tuning and Repair.  David has also worked for a piano rebuilding shop and for a short time at Kisabeth Furniture in FW doing custom finishing work. He is experienced, qualified and capable in all aspects of piano rebuilding, having completely rebuilt several upright and grand pianos, doing all aspects of rebuilding, refinishing, and thus restoring the instruments to their original new condition. 


About David
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