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Regular Maintenance.  The two things that need to be maintained are tuning and regulation. This is because they are affected by normal climate and temperature variations,  and intensity of use.   The Piano is a climate sensitive instrument mainly because of it's sound board. Ideally, they should have a constant humidity of 42% for more tuning stability and longevity. The change in humidity affects the tension (pitch) of the strings through the fluctuating sound board. The moisture content of the sound board changes frequently throughout the year and has it's effect changing the instrument's string tension (tuning). Therefore tuning once or twice a year will ensure greater tuning stability.  
PIANO MANUFACTURERS RECOMMEND tuning every 6 or 12 months, but not less than once a year for normal use. Tuning a piano only once a year will not do any harm and it will keep the piano fairly stable throughout it's life. However, a new piano should be tuned 4 times a year for the first 3 years of it's life. 
Consider installation of a piano dehumidifier system (the Piano Life Saver System) to maintain the environment within the piano to help combat the humidity problems mentioned herein. Call or write for price quote.
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Regular Tuning preserves the value of a good quality upright or grand piano.  Because the instrument responds to climate changes as well as use, it will only keep its original condition if you have your instrument serviced regularly. The convex/concave shape of the spruce soundboard was design-engineered & manufactured for the constant string tension of A-440 pitch. When the pitch falls considerably, the dimensional shape of the soundboard changes somewhat. Whether this becomes permanent or not, it does lessen the tone quality and sound volume of the instrument,  from that which it is capable of.
Severe falling pitch brings misshapen piano wire from the bridge, agraffes and pressure bars into the speaking length of the string, causing "wild strings" and "false beats" to become a permanent sound that cannot be corrected by tuning.
Climate changes (temperature and humidity changes) and mechanical stresses on the piano, these all have an effect on the tension of the strings. So over a period of time the piano goes out of tune. Your piano should be tuned at least ONCE A YEAR. This preserves both the value of the instrument and the musical enjoyment.  
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